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the area code project

Chicago designer Mike McQuade is behind The Area Code Project – an attempt to create a poster for every area code in the US. Pretty cool, huh? And he’s starting with Illinois. The 773 poster is going on my art wishlist.

spotted on Design Crush

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monday motivations | this is your life

It all seems so easy when you look at it like this.

the Holstee Manifesto

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monday motivations | work hard & be nice to people

Happy 2011 everyone – hope your celebrations were amazing! After countdowns and flying confetti, it’s time to get crackin’ on my resolutions. This poster by Anthony Burrill completely sums up my motto this year. I need to get one and hang it up in my cubicle.

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bill zindel | chipotle identity design

Not sure when my love affair with Chipotle began, but I eat it pretty much every day. I walk in and they immediately start making my veggie fajita bowl with pico de gallo, cheese, cheese, a little bit more please, thank you, guacamole, and lettuce. Because me and Chipotle? We’re on a first name basis. And while I stuff my face, I often admire the brown paper bag my overabundance of lunch came in, because Bill Zindel’s work is amazing. His handlettering and illustrations are just a couple more reasons for my obsession with this little Mexican Grill.

Photos via Bill Zindel.

Happy Friday!

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oribe hair

While we’re on the topic of hair today, this hair product line is amazing. And the dry texturizing spray? If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 things with me, I’d have 3 cans of this stuff. What? How can a girl expect to get rescued with bad hair? But, really. It’s probably one of the best hair products I’ve ever come across. It gives instant volume and sassy texture to your hair with just a few sprays, and can also be used as a dry shampoo. The packaging is pretty great too. It only confirms my theory that well designed packaging = a great product. You can order online or visit a salon near you.

If you’re in the DC area, Corte Salon on U Street sells the Oribe line.

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pretty packaging :: mast brothers chocolate

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. If the outside is well designed, the inside must be good too, right? My evening stroll through Georgetown led me to Dean & Deluca – a haven for food snobs. Hi, my name is Christine and I’m addicted to overpriced food stuffs. And while waiting in line, you know, to pay for my $11 chicken spring roll (don’t judge, it’s delicious), I spotted these chocolate bars wrapped in the most lovely paper.

A stack of these tied with twine would make a fabulous hostess gift.

Mast Brothers is New York City’s only bean to bar chocolate factory. The best cacao is purchased from family farms around the world including Madagascar, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. The chocolate is made in small batches and each bar is handcrafted. The Selby beautifully documented the entire process from roasting to packaging in style.

View all the photos here.

Photos of packaging via lovelypackage.

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