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pampering gift basket for mamas

Pampering baskets have been a big hit among my group of mama friends lately. One person usually organizes and sends out an email with ideas and everyone responds with their contribution to avoid duplicate items. I think they’re such a fabulous gift for showers, hospital visits after baby, gender reveal parties, birthdays, or just because. It’s so fun to open so many small, useful, and luxurious items.

With Mother’s Day coming up, yet another great occasion to give a mama a basket, these are some of my favorite luxuries. Most range from $5 – $25. And any of these on their own would make such a thoughtful gift.

1. Mood music / Itunes gift card – After Lincoln goes to bed and the apartment is quiet, turning on music helps me transition to the more relaxed version of myself. When the Amelie soundtrack plays, it feels as if the Eiffel Tower is right outside my window.

2. A favorite book or magazine subscription – Most nights I work, but if I need a night off, there’s nothing like indulging in poetry or curling up with a favorite book or magazine. Poetry Magazine, Kinfolk, and Anthology subscriptions make such lovely gifts.

3. Tea – It’s impossible to be stressed while drinking tea. My favorite right now is Mint Melange by Mighty Leaf.

4. Candle – When you have a little one, that poop smell sometimes lingers way too long even after all the trash is taken out. I go through these candles so fast. My two favorites are Paddywax Basil Cucumber and Williiams Sonoma Fleur de Sel. They are natural and don’t sting your nose.

5. Healthy treatsThese raw, vegan coconut macaroons from Whole Foods are delicious. They’re guilt-free, satisfy your sweet tooth, and so good with tea. But you get bonus points for homemade treats like a jar of granola or healthy cookies.

6. IOU Cards – Ok maybe I’m a bit biased, but these are pretty awesome. :] Promising to do any of these things for a mom is amazing, but babysitting is gold. Pure gold. Time to herself or time alone with her husband is the best gift you could give. You will definitely earn favorite person status.

7. Gift card to a bookstore, coffee shop, nail or hair salon – When she finds herself with some free time, she’ll have a plan of action. You can pair this with a babysitting IOU!

8. Gift card to your favorite restaurant, cocktail lounge, Ticketmaster, or any other date night experience – On the rare occasion she and the husband are out by themselves, they want to do something really cool. Pair this with a babysitting IOU too.
photo credit of the Columbia Room in DC – Max Cook.

9. Leisure Book – Because date nights don’t happen as often as they did pre-Lincoln, when we finally do have one, we want to do the best thing possible on that night and then we can’t come up with anything. Too much pressure.
A little book like this with recommendations from friends would make such a great gift for parents who love to explore and experience their city. There could be a section on date nights out, date nights in (like dinners to make, games to play, movies to watch), and solo outings too.

10. Dry shampoo
11. Fancy soap
12. Cuticle cream
13. Lipstick – NARS Niagra is the only fun lipstick I’ve found so far that I don’t feel ridiculous wearing.
14. Aromatherapy shower tablets

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haves & wants // no. 01

I’ve never really considered myself a spend thrift, but says otherwise. Darn all those little things that add up. To curb my credit card use, making wish lists and coming back to them a few weeks later to reevaluate has proved helpful. That and appreciating the things I already have. Oh, #firstworldproblems.

. . . . .

one // Our dining room walls have been bare for almost four years now, so 2 works of art and a clock are in order. I am in love with this print by Becca Stadtlander and thinking this frame will hold rotating seasonal favorites that inspire.

two // I don eyeshadow maybe once a year, if that. But wanted that little pop of shimmer on the inner eye and brow bone for nights out, without having to buy an eyeshadow I would probably drop and shatter. This eye brightner pen by Tarte is perfect!

three // That clock mentioned up in one.

four // This is more of a need, really. My closet does not contain classic black pumps! The dots add so much pizzazz, but they’ll still go with everything.

five // I’m on a mission to grow out my front layers to get this graduated cut later this year.

six // Nothing helps me unwind at day’s end quite like poetry. A subscription to Poetry magazine (to get acquainted with old and new poets) should be showing up in the mailbox any day now.

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six birthday gifts you can send in an envelope

As much as I like birthdays and snail mail, I’ve done a not-so-good job of combining the two. This year, as much as possible, I want to send friends and family cards and a little something tucked inside that will make them feel special. This is especially fun if they live far away so they know you’re celebrating with them.

one – a garland they can hang up during their birthday week to remind them you’re thinking of them. The one pictured is from Target (Spritz brand) for $3 or so. But you can make one too!

two – a $5 gift card to their favorite cupcake, doughnut, macaron, or any sweets shop paired with a candle.

three – for the gamblers at heart – a wish for a lucky year and a scratch ticket. :]

four – a tiny envelope of confetti. Maybe paired with some celebration instructions – like “dance to [insert favorite dance song] and throw confetti” or “toss and make a wish”.

five – the possibilities with these mini Moleskine notebooks are endless. You can fill them with instructions for a scavenger hunt around their city, favorite shared memories, inspiring quotes, a fun birthday quiz with a secret message… Do you guys have any fun ideas? Maybe an idea for a future post. :]

sixballoons! You can write thoughtful messages on them too.

P.S. You’ll have to increase the postage by a bit on some of these.

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be the gift.

I’m so excited to announce the launch of a project/new shop I’ve been working on for a few months now in cahoots with the lovely ladies at Typecase Industries – letterpressed IOUs!

I started IOU to have a pretty way to gift favors for loved ones (and buy cards no one will want to toss). They’re a tactile way to graciously give bits of our time.

The inaugural line, IOUs for New Moms, was born out of my gratefulness to friends and family who, in those first few weeks of new parent delirium, gave me the most caring and considerate gifts I didn’t even know I needed. The onesies and bottles were of course much needed too, but calls saying “We’re coming over to wash your dishes” or “We’re coming over to hold the baby so you can sleep” left me speechless. “How can I help” inquiries were equally selfless, but in my sleep-deprived and overwhelmed state, I never knew how to respond. Where would I even begin? There were a million things to do.

Cue IOUs for New Moms. For all the generous friends and family out there who may or may not need hints for what a new mom needs most – hand-lettered, letterpressed cards she knows she can cash in when everything piles up at once.

I’d love it if you guys checked out the shop and took a look around. These would be perfect for that next baby shower you have on your calendar!

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lincoln’s christmas wishlist

one :: to start his Schleich figurine collection
two :: to start his puzzle collection.
three :: we love finger puppets! And this set is especially adorable.
four :: minnetonka booties to keep his toes toasty
five :: because he’s a foodie baby
six :: I’m obsessed with this children’s book author/illustrator. This tale about a penguin in search of new colors will delight parents and littles alike.

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andrew’s christmas wishlist

Well not really. It’s inspired by him. He says he only wants this for Christmas.

one :: fancy salts for finishing a juicy rib-eye or rimming a cocktail glass
two :: classy socks with good details
three :: dopp kitt for traveling in style
four :: subscription to the London Review of Books
five :: cozy flannel robe for having coffee together in the morning
six :: for impromptu celebrations

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my christmas wishlist

one :: to plan short European getaways while we’re in Romania this summer
two :: a flattering knit hat, because nothing ever looks good on me
three :: to hang up in the kitchen and schedule dinner dates with friends in advance
four :: because I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book
five :: because they’re the perfect gold studs
six :: because I want to be a more adventurous cook this year

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november wish list

1. i’ve been wearing this hat every day 2. new favorite pants 3. investment brush – stimulates the scalp to increase blood flow to the roots 4. new yorker cartoons make me chuckle 5. leather key chain 6. virginia-made candle

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the gift of granola

Right after Lincoln was born, one of our friends brought over a big jar of homemade granola. She didn’t even know about my love affair with granola, but it struck me as such a thoughtful and unfussy gift. Because, I mean, everybody loves granola! Right? And if you don’t or think it’s just okay, you haven’t had good granola, my friend.

So of course I was inspired by the brilliance of it and and it’s now my new go-to homemade gift. I can’t think of a gift-giving scenario where a big jar of granola would not be fitting… as a thank-you gift, a new mom gift, a hospital gift, a hostess gift, a teacher gift… or a gift to yourself. Because sometimes, that batch you made for someone else calls your name and never makes it out the door. oops.

Homemade Granola

inspired by Alton Brown

makes enough to fill 2 jars (1 liter each) – these Weck jars are my favorite

3 cups rolled oats
2 cups slivered almonds
3/4 cup shredded sweet coconut
1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar (sometimes I use Muscovado sugar)
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tablespoons molasses
1/4 cup walnut oil
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup golden raisins

Preheat oven to 250 degrees F.

In a large bowl, combine the oats, almonds, coconut, and brown sugar.

In a separate bowl, combine maple syrup, molasses, oil, and salt. Combine both mixtures and pour onto 2 sheet pans. Cook for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes to achieve an even color.

Remove from oven and transfer into a large bowl. Add raisins and mix until evenly distributed.

Enjoy for breakfast with greek yogurt mixed with lemon curd and layered with seasonal fruit. Or with ice cream. Or just on its own by the spoonful.

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september wish list

1. i neeed these spoons for warm fall drinks 2. black cigarette pants 3. i want this clever little book on my coffee table 4. black diamond studs 5. nails this color 6. cognac suede ballet flats

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