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emerson fry

Officially adding her to my list of favorite designers. I want every single item to skip the shopping cart and magically appear in my closet.

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maslo jewelry

I stopped in one of my favorite DC boutiques the other day and discovered Maslo Jewelry. The earrings are my favorite.

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bloch ballet flats

Say hello to my new favorite ballet flat. They are made by Bloch, an actual dance shoe making company founded in Australia that recently entered the street shoe market. The only problem is they come in so many colors. And I kind of need them all.

Oh, and they run small… order a half size or full size up.

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baggu clutches

I love these little leather + suede clutches from Baggu. They’re reasonably priced and the perfect little bag for a night out.

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rachel comey

I’ve been in turbo-closet-declutter mode lately, sending off bags to the Salvation Army, selling on eBay, and consigning a few nicer pieces. I did that last year too (and made a list of wardrobe staples), but this time I was really really honest with myself about what I would wear again. Now I’m left with a seriously bare bones closet and I’m after a small, but well-edited wardrobe. And lately it seems like everything I pin to my fashion board is Rachel Comey. This stuff will never go out of style.

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the perfect tee

Madewell tees are my absolute favorite for the basic closet staple. They have pockets, a polished fit, and still look great after washings.

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anthro scarves

The collection this fall is amazing. These are my favorites.

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zara coats

While we’re on the topic of maternity wear, I also didn’t want to wear a coat for 3 months then hang it up to collect dust. I’ve always wanted a cape-like coat and found the perfect one at Zara. There are lots of others on their site that look like they’d accommodate a growing belly.

Happy Tuesday!

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maternity wardrobe

Less than four months to go and so far I’ve been able to make use of all my clothes with the help of a bella band. But I have to start thinking about my attire for the last trimester. Being the most pregnant in late fall and winter, I can’t get away with maxi dresses and big tanks. Unfortunately, most maternity wear is either bad quality, frumpy, or just plain ugly. Asos probably has the cutest things for an affordable price, but I wanted to take a similar approach with my maternity wardrobe as I do with my regular one.

I cringe at the thought of spending money on clothing I’ll only wear for 3 months, so I want the maternity-specific items I do buy, to be basic, super comfy, and great quality so I can wear them over and over. I’d rather spend more on sweaters, blazers, and scarves to dress up the basics, and that way I’m investing in my long-term wardrobe. YouknowwhatImean?

So far, the best maternity line I’ve found is Isabella Oliver. Their basic shirts fit so well and grow with you as you expand. It’s a bit pricey, but there are always sales and the quality is top notch. After all, you only really need a few things. Will anyone really notice if you wear the same black shirt twice a week? And if they do… so? I also got this dress in the photo to jazz up my repertoire, but it’s still very versatile; I can wear it anywhere from work to happy hour (where I have a glass of bubbly… water).

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diaper bags


Soon after I found out I was with child, I started baby gear hunting. Ok, maybe immediately after. Since we plan to be out and about a lot, I already know the stroller will be my one big splurge item. And in lieu of the traditional diaper bag, I’m thinking of investing in a simple, non-diaper-bag-looking bag we can use for many years to come on travels and weekend trips. Aren’t these great?

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