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needle felted nativity scenes

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twists, knots, and braids

As a part of Project Ladylike, I’m trying to learn new hairstyles to switch things up a bit from the usual – hair down and straight or up in a messy knot. I stumbled upon these gorgeously illustrated pieces by nosideup and saved them to my inspiration board. If only they came with step by step instructions.

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[for her] the long distance valentine

Not long after we started dating, Andrew moved to DC to pursue his political aspirations. He was wearing spiffy ties, working with all the big shots, making really important decisions on Capitol Hill, and I was back in Chicago, trying to get good grades in school. Long distance was torturous at times, but despite it’s bad rap, I’m a huge advocate. It allowed for us to develop independently, yet together at the same time. The anticipation of seeing each other every month was out of this world. I mean, stomach butterflies of Blockbuster proportions. While I wouldn’t trade waking up to him everyday for anything, I often think back to being in separate time zones, and secretly don’t mind his business trips for old time’s sake. And also so we can run towards each other at the airport, in slow-mo, to tear-jerking music, like in the movies.

Here are some sweet ideas for making the most of being miles apart. :]

1. let’s take a walk 2. to keep you warm 3. my boyfriend got me these 4. morning postcard 5. late night talks 6. always kiss goodnight 7. how i feel

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It was so peaceful and white this morning. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I love winter.

photo via raceytay

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laura lombardi jewelry

I was hooked from the moment I saw her shop on Etsy. Say hello to the coolest Chicago jewelry designer – Laura Lombardi. She’s stopping by for a bit to chat about her background, being a business owner, and her favorite Chicago spots, but first, here are a few of my favorite pieces from past and present collections.

[Q] What is your educational background and how did you get into jewelry design?
[A] I grew up in the NYC area and started taking art classes at a very young age. At age 13 I began taking pre-college classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I had a brief stint in art school (SMFA in Boston) and then was working at a jewelry store which catapulted my interest in the craft. My transition from sculpture and mixed media into jewelry was very natural having been surrounded by jewelry materials and components for some time.

[Q] What is your favorite thing about what you do? What is the most challenging?
[A] My favorite thing about what I do is living my life on my own terms, and the most challenging aspect is wearing almost every hat in the business.

[Q] If you were handed a round trip ticket anywhere, where would you go?
[A] There are tons of places I would love to see (Argentina, Istanbul, Copenhagen…) but I would probably go see my family in Italy.

[Q] Favorite Chicago spots?
[A] Big Star – my ideal day consists of sitting outside, drinking palomas and eating tacos here
+Eskell – clothes!
+Hoosier Mama – amazing and adorable pie place right by my studio
+The Field Museum – right on the lake. I love looking at the Americas section for inspiration.
+Lula Cafe – best dinner in Logan Square
+2121 Textile Discount Outlet in Pilsen – I don’t use fabric in any of my work or at all really, but for some reason I always end up here.

. . . . .

Thanks to Laura for stopping by. Be sure to check out her website and Etsy shop, and stay tuned for the spring collection!

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