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a party for pickle. with just us. it was a happy day.

We wanted to spend Lincoln’s birthday together – just the three of us – to soak it all in. We started new traditions – played with balloons in the morning, made funfetti pancakes, looked through photos from the past year, opened gifts, danced with our party hat on, ate grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles, and lost count of how many times we sang the birthday song. Oh and there was a Linky-sized cake involved too. He tasted the chocolate, made a face, then proceeded to use it as body paint and had the time of his life. I think he likes birthdays.

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birthday candle round-up

Lincoln’s birthday is this week! (Um, anyone know where this year flew?) To celebrate, it’s birthday week on the blog all week! First up, my favorite candle brands. Because drugstore candles just don’t do a pretty cake justice.

1. Tops Malibu – These gold sparklers come in heart shapes, star shapes, letters and numbers to spell names, ages, years, etc.

2. Creative Candles – Celebration candles come in 15″ (!) and 6″ tapers and a whole range of colors – even gold and silver. Find them here, here, here and here.

3. Tag – Tapers in great colors and digits too! Find them here and here.

4. Caspari – Multi-colored packs of tapers. Find them here and here.

5. Wilton – Wilton’s Happy Birthday and digit candle picks have good type and my favorite blend of colors. Find them here, here and here.

6. Mole Hollow Candles – Beautiful beeswax candles in earthy, natural colors.

7. Big Dipper Wax Works – Beeswax short tapers and multi-colored digits.

8. Papyrus – I couldn’t find Papyrus candles online, but I’ve found silver and gold metallic candles in-store.

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be the gift.

I’m so excited to announce the launch of a project/new shop I’ve been working on for a few months now in cahoots with the lovely ladies at Typecase Industries – letterpressed IOUs!

I started IOU to have a pretty way to gift favors for loved ones (and buy cards no one will want to toss). They’re a tactile way to graciously give bits of our time.

The inaugural line, IOUs for New Moms, was born out of my gratefulness to friends and family who, in those first few weeks of new parent delirium, gave me the most caring and considerate gifts I didn’t even know I needed. The onesies and bottles were of course much needed too, but calls saying “We’re coming over to wash your dishes” or “We’re coming over to hold the baby so you can sleep” left me speechless. “How can I help” inquiries were equally selfless, but in my sleep-deprived and overwhelmed state, I never knew how to respond. Where would I even begin? There were a million things to do.

Cue IOUs for New Moms. For all the generous friends and family out there who may or may not need hints for what a new mom needs most – hand-lettered, letterpressed cards she knows she can cash in when everything piles up at once.

I’d love it if you guys checked out the shop and took a look around. These would be perfect for that next baby shower you have on your calendar!

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tables / food / friends

These photos I’ve been pinning lately make me want to have a whole bunch of people over.

by A. Farnum

Isn’t the styling incredible? Photos are from this cookbook that will be released in a couple weeks. It’s already in my Amazon shopping cart.

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wire cheese marker diy

I’ve been searching high and low for simple cheese markers with no luck. Inspired by this photo from Martha Stewart, I headed to the hardware store to buy some wire – they seemed simple enough. This is the wire I used (1.0 mm, 19 gauge) and all you need is a scissor and either your finger or a pen (depending on what size loop you prefer) to wrap the wire around twice. They’re also perfect for sticking in desserts on a dessert table.

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get together

How cute are these get together cards? So much more fun than just sending an email. Find these and other great paper goods at Kathryn Whyte’s shop.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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little monsters

Before Irene tip-toed through DC this past weekend, the big event was a monster-themed baby shower for friends expecting soon. Meet the little guys I made for decor. Aren’t they cute? :]

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picnics | my summer list…

1 badminton set | 2 picnic blanket tote | 3 bamboo flatware | 4 mitica fig jam | 5 woven picnic basket | 6 slate cheese board | 7 my favorite riesling – dr. loosen

It’s the first weekend of summer and I’ve made a lengthy list of things I want to do. Picnics are at the very top. These are the perfect ingredients for me (and a list of everything else so I don’t forget anything):

[1] a sunny patch of green grass with a view – like the National Cathedral lawn
[2] a big soft blanket
[3] good food – cheeses + spreads, sandwiches, cookies + pastries
[4] games
[5] a good book

What are your perfect ingredients and favorite spots to picnic in your city? :]

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magnolias + the old south | bridal luncheon invitations

I’m pretty excited to show you guys a project I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. My friend Jessica is throwing a bridal luncheon for her cousin Marie and when she asked me to design the invitations, I was beyond thrilled. The theme is magnolias/Old South with a modern twist and a color palette of green, brown, and cream. I know. Fabulous, right?

After the letterpress plates arrived in the mail last week, we had a printing/pizza party with our friend Blake, printer extraordinaire. Then this week, I whipped up some fancy addressing on the envelopes and fixed on these beautiful vintage stamps.

Marie, I would say I hope your luncheon, wedding, and all the other festivities are fabulous. But I have no doubt they will be. You Southern folk always know how to have a good time! ;] Congratulations!

photos by Christine Lucaciu for Ink Lemonade

[update] Super honored to be featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper. :]

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impromptu entertaining

You know those people who always make you feel at home and just happen to have the perfect ingredients on hand to whip up something amazing in 10 minutes flat for unexpected company? Who are they and where did they come from? I have no idea how it’s done, but I’m making it my life goal to become one of those people.

With my schedule lately, I’ve decided to let go of the idea of full-blown, two – three course dinner menus and focus on smaller, simple dinners or desserts. This way, we won’t have to sacrifice eating well or having friends over. By developing these types of themes, I’m hoping it’ll be easier to quickly think of menu items on the spot instead of mulling over a long list of possibilities. Do you guys have go-to recipes you can make in a flash?

photo via kwestia smaku

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