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a few of my favorite things // natural beauty products

I’m usually lazy when it comes to my skin, but one of my goals is to stick with a natural and low maintenance skin care regimen that targets dull and problem skin. These are some of my favorites I’ve come across in recent months.

Eminence Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment // Acure Skin Brightening Scrub // Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation

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Five things in my makeup bag I can’t live without…

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whole living magazine

I spent almost my entire morning yesterday immersed in issues of Whole Living magazine. I’d even go as far as to say it’s probably my new favorite. With gorgeous photos of superfoods, eloquent articles about life’s simple joys, and natural remedy/beauty recipes, I felt healthy just reading it. It’s a really well done publication.

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the bang braid

I know literally one way to style my hair – blowdried straight. I have no idea how to pin my hair up, how to make a real bun, how to french braid… nada. As a new mom with hair that can go unwashed for up to a week and with bangs in the in-between stage, things get ugly fast. So what better time to start on my Day Zero Project goal of learning five new hairstyles (not to mention attempting to still look like a lady despite having spit up all over me and dark under eye circles)?

So I’m starting small (10 minutes in front of a mirror is a luxury these days) – with this little bang braid that’s all the rage. I’ve been working at it for the last week and every day it looks a little more like it’s supposed to. There are lots of great tutorials on youtube. I used this one. And then this one to learn the basics of french braiding.

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potomac massage training institute

In desperate need of a prenatal massage last week, I turned to Yelp. I haven’t had a massage since I worked at a spa back in college and was hoping to find a place that offered them for less than the usual outrageous DC prices. Potomac Massage Training Institute is a school in Friendship Heights right on Wisconsin that offers student massages for $37 and graduate student massages for $55. While more clinic-like than spa-like, everything is super clean and the individual rooms have a very relaxing atmosphere. And when you’re getting a massage for that cheap, does it really matter that there’s no rain shower? The reviews on Yelp all said the students really strive to give great massages and all the techniques are fresh in their minds. I found this to be true for my massage and will definitely be returning. I feel like I’ve struck gold.

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the five things in my makeup bag i can’t live without

1. dr. hauschka normalizing day oil – this holistic herbal oil helps reduce the appearance of large pores and is the perfect moisturizer for all seasons.

2. clinique high impact mascara – this is my favorite mascara of all time and no matter what new mascara I try, I always come back to this one. Buxom lash is a very close second though.

3. korres night cream – soft and moisturized skin in the morning. Love this stuff.

4. diptyque philosykos – for years I searched high and low for a perfume that was me. Something light, crisp, and clean smelling. Not long ago I was walking through the village in nyc and stopped in diptyque’s boutique on a whim. I smelled philosykos and had a total “aha” perfume moment. It’s been my fragrance ever since.

5. fresh lip balm – so luxurious and worth the splurge.

What are your must-have products?

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green juice

After reading Clean, I was inspired to start juicing. I now buy the veggies I used to pass in Whole Foods thinking, I wonder what people do with those. Most of them smell like freshly mowed grass as they go through the juicer, but things like ginger and fruits mask that taste. This green juice is my favorite so far.

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[the book list: may] Clean

I’m all caught up with March and April. The investigative journalism in A Life in Secrets is really impressive and the wisdom in Anonymous is pure gold. Both were great reads – five outta fives.

May’s pick has been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple months and I’ve been really been wanting to try a cleanse program. It’s not entertaining, but if I don’t put it on the book list, it won’t get read.

{title:} Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself
{author:} Alejandro Junger, M.D.
{why:} It’s time to get healthy.

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the style list project | part 2

To recap part one, I purged my closet and vowed to not spend a single penny until I had a focused plan for building my wardrobe with core pieces. So with inspiration from Matchbook Mag and Nina Garcia, I created my own list around my personal style. By owning these items I want to always be confident I’ll at least have something basic to wear for any occasion (assuming it’s washed and ready to go, but my growing laundry pile is another story entirely). But the idea is that this list will serve as a foundation for everything else I add later on.

Since I’m often haunted by the buyer’s remorse of shopping trips past, in addition to my list, I wanted to be armed with a thorough set of questions I could grill myself with before handing over my credit card. So here are what I’ve dubbed The Nine. Three questions to ask before picking up the item, three questions to ask in the dressing room, and three more questions before sealing the deal.

[The Nine]

1. Think like a French woman. Is this a meaningful addition to my wardrobe? Is it the best quality I can afford or am I comprimising?

2. Will this age well? If I looked at a photo of myself in this outfit 10 years from now will I shake my head and say, what was I thinking?

3. Will I wear this more than once?

4. Does this make me dance in the fitting room?

5. Is this the ideal cut, length, and fit for my body type now? (Not the body type with the killer legs I envision a month from now after I start running.)

6. Can this be altered to fit me perfectly? An excellent tailor is a girl’s best friend. Even if something doesn’t fit just right, develop an eye for pieces that will be perfect after a few modifications.

7. Am I buying this only because it’s on sale, or would I buy it even at full price because I love it that much?

8. If I don’t buy this right now, will I continue thinking about it when I get home? If unsure, put it on hold and think about it.

9. Do I love it even after I get home? The last line of defense is always the return policy. Try everything on at home, take pictures if necessary, and re-ask The Nine. If it doesn’t make the cut, take it back.

For the print version, click here.

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twists, knots, and braids

As a part of Project Ladylike, I’m trying to learn new hairstyles to switch things up a bit from the usual – hair down and straight or up in a messy knot. I stumbled upon these gorgeously illustrated pieces by nosideup and saved them to my inspiration board. If only they came with step by step instructions.

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oribe hair

While we’re on the topic of hair today, this hair product line is amazing. And the dry texturizing spray? If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 things with me, I’d have 3 cans of this stuff. What? How can a girl expect to get rescued with bad hair? But, really. It’s probably one of the best hair products I’ve ever come across. It gives instant volume and sassy texture to your hair with just a few sprays, and can also be used as a dry shampoo. The packaging is pretty great too. It only confirms my theory that well designed packaging = a great product. You can order online or visit a salon near you.

If you’re in the DC area, Corte Salon on U Street sells the Oribe line.

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