spring cleaning + yard sale

It’s full-blown OCD purge week at our house – donating, selling, organizing. Ever since that initial nesting instinct kicked in right before Lincoln’s arrival, the need to declutter and simplify practically chases me down at every turn. We now just have a donate bag right by our door and something goes in there almost every week. It doesn’t even seem like we have that much stuff but somehow we do.

Spending way too much time making sure I was scooping black quinoa and not chia seeds prompted me to finally label all the food jars one cold snowy day. Almost a quarter of my cookbook shelf went to friends to make room for a few new ones I have on my wishlist. And my closet is even more bare, but at least everything that’s left fits properly.

If you guys are interested in anything we’re selling, we’re having a yard sale! And by yard sale I mean eBay sale. You can also click here for furniture listings if you live in the DC area. We’re selling a home theater speaker system, photographer’s spotlight lamp, and coffee table to name a few things.

Happy Spring Cleaning from our house to yours!

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