our family shoot by anne robert photography | featured on style me pretty

This past April, when Lincoln was almost 3 months old, the super sweet and talented Anne Robert came to document a weekend morning in our home. These are just a small handful of favorites. The shoot was featured yesterday morning on Style Me Pretty and I have to say, it’s pretty darn thrilling being featured on that lovely little site. Thank you, ladies! And Anne, we’ll cherish these images forever. They’re more awesome than we could’ve asked for. See the post here and the full photo gallery here.

From the post:

The plan was to move to DC right after our wedding. Despite multiple trips and our diligent apartment hunting efforts before then, we found nothing. Everything was either too small, too expensive, too far away or had carpet. Back in Chicago, my anxiety levels were rising at the thought of not having a home to move to. The day before our wedding, Andrew, notoriously compulsive, called to compound my stress level by announcing that he had signed a lease, all on his own. The price was right, it was big enough, in a great location, and there were hardwood floors. So I knew there had to be something seriously wrong with it. The perfect apartment? Just like that?

Fast forward to moving day. The lobby wasn’t very promising, and the hallways were reminiscent of The Shining, so I held my breath as we turned the doorknob. What I experienced next was most unexpected. It felt like home. All my stress unraveled, and my heart swelled with the knowledge that we’d have many beautiful memories in this place with pink bathroom tiles. That I belonged here and it was perfect for the two of us. And two and a half years later, the three of us.

Interior decorating quickly became a hobby, and I’ve loved putting together all the details of our apartment. We both work from home, Andrew for the government and I own Ink Lemonade, a calligraphy and paper design company, so we needed to combine style, comfort, and function in our little 900 square foot, one bedroom space. With the addition of our little man, we really needed to get creative and opted for a nursery corner in our room.

So welcome to our home, SMPers! Needless to say, we spend a lot of time here, and when we’re not working, we make fancy breakfasts and spend an embarrassing amount of time in bed cuddling with Pickle (whose real name is Lincoln). Cue the amazingly talented Anne Robert to capture us recreating a weekend morning. Albeit with nicer clothes than usual. Thanks for stopping by! But before you go, take a look out that big window overlooking the treetops of Glover Park. It’s our favorite thing. We’ve watched many a sunset from that window and the seasons changing too.

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2 responses To our family shoot by anne robert photography | featured on style me pretty

  1. Kate says:

    These are such gorgeous, sweet and tender photos. I just love them!!

  2. Elisa Restea says:

    Love this! Just precious :) and SMP was right—you are the world’s most gorgeous blogger/calligrapher :)

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