date night

We stayed up way past our bedtime last night and had a night out on the town. On a school night. Rebels, we are. This was part two of our anniversary celebration. Monday we stayed home and enjoyed a fancy dinner of shortribs in red wine sauce, polenta, and swiss chard. And yesterday we got all gussied up for our reservation at The Columbia Room. It totally lives up to all the hype (stay tuned for a post on that soon). Then, craving burgers, we realized that Shake Shack just opened that day and went to check it out and stuff our faces. So good.

Both being creatures of habit, we tend to go to the same place around the corner for date night every week. But yesterday made us realize we should be more deliberate about planning, getting dressed up, and going somewhere/doing something unique and out of the ordinary at least once a month. And we really need to make an effort to take more pictures. Even if they’re poor quality Iphone ones like these. What kinds of stuff do you guys do for date night?

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  1. Mazzi Mi says:

    I love that you do date night. I’m also a massive creature of habit but I think it’s so much fun when you find new places. And your iphone photos have a really cool vibe to them, like their low quality on purpose! Can’t wait to hear about the Columbia Room!


    Mazzi Mi

  2. Diana says:

    we get a blanket, a good bottle of wine and some yummy cheese, a few good books, and park it all under a tree with loads of shade. We’ll take naps there, eat, and share our dreams. =) It’s quite lovely actually… love your iphone pics btw! 😉

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